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benefits of crm

8 Benefits Of CRM Software For Human Resources Management

Recruitment Management CRM software helps you automate the entire recruitment process while speeding up this process with high productivity. It can save a lot of time to keep everyone on board easily. This system can eliminate obstacles in communication, then preserve hours of conversation between candidates and your teams. In other words, you can benefit…

cloud computing introduction

All Things You Should Know About Cloud Computing

What Is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing means delivering computing services on the Internet or the cloud for a figurative term. The services are analytics, database management, storage, etc. Additionally, this technology provides flexible resources, fosters innovation, and economies of scale.  You can also save a lot of money for the used services that helps reduce…

on-premise and cloud computing software

On-premise And Cloud Computing Software Comparison

You choose over on-premise and cloud computing software to manage the whole activities of your organization. Before deciding which option to work with, you’d better understand the definition, benefits, and features of these solutions. More importantly, it would be better if you know the differences between the two technologies. Then, you can select the most…

attendance check in zoho people

Attendance Module Administrator In Zoho People

In an organization, there could be a requirement for managing attendance and shifts of employees amidst a large workforce. Although the administrator and reporting managers can view, edit attendance entries, assign shifts, they could already have a handful of tasks and not have the time to manage these operations specifically. To improve convenience and for focused management, a…

erp vs hris

What are the differences between ERP and HRIS?

ERP and HRIS are among the top software for Human Resource department in an organization. These systems offer HR solutions; however, there are differences between ERP and HRIS.  Therefore, I’ve prepared the definitions, the differences between two systems in this article. In addition, there is the final selection for HR professionals to use in the…

Performance Management System In Zoho People

Performance management is an essential activity for organizations to evaluating their employees achievement. This activity helps managers avoid the bad effects of unengaged/ unsatisfied employees. Thus, a powerful performance management system plays an integral role in organizations. Here, I’ve prepared the detailed explanation of its role and features in Zoho People. A Role Of A…

Why you should automate onboarding?

The importance of having an effective onboarding process to welcome your new hires can never be overstated. This is an employee’s first look at your company’s culture and practices. Providing an exceptional onboarding experience speaks volumes about your organization. Your employees will be eager and anxious to start their new job, and effective onboarding gives them a sense of direction….